Watchful Membership Plans

Emergency Only

  • One user per year
  • Press the button to activate the app, and a First Officer is immediately contacted
  • Simple app, one feature

PErsonal Safety Pre-Crime

  • Unlimited use for personal safety
  • Arm the app as much as you want to be pre-connected to the service and feel safe
  • Only call a First Officer if you need to, just push the Big Red Button
  • Streaming video recorder to capture evidence for use in court
  • Message your safety contacts all at once in an emergency
  • Voice commands in case you can't use your hands
  • Get a call back from our First Officers if you need it

Circle of Safety

  • Unlimited use for the safety for up to 5 friends and family
  • All features available
  • When you sign up for this plan, you help someone else as well, and expand your circle.  We give away for free a 'one-for-one' membership to a person who really needs this service and is unable to afford it